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JAFCO joins the Japan Venture Capital Association

JAFCO Co., Ltd. has announced that it has become an official member of the Japan Venture Capital Association.

JAFCO has been operating as a venture capital (VC) firm since its establishment in 1973.
During this time period, the VC environment has experienced major ups and downs, but has rebounded in recent years in line with a recovery in stock markets.

To maintain this momentum over the long term, it is necessary that VCs provide stable fund supply and support growth of venture businesses under any business environment.

In Japan, VCs have not fully established their presence. If the VC industry unites to support start-ups that create dynamic innovations and deliver favorable returns, it would be possible to continuously raise funds as an asset class from institutional investors.

JAFCO decided to join the Japan Venture Capital Association with the aim of contributing to its efforts to develop and expand the VC eco-system in Japan.

Japan Venture Capital Association